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        Amusement Equipment Company Limited.
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        Corporation profile

        LS GAME Amusements is an Chinese based company dealing with all aspects of the amusement industry.
        With many years experience in the operation of all types of amusement equipment in a diverse selection of entertainment environments.
        From this experience LS GAME Amusements has become the market leader within many area in Distribution, supply, service & technical repairs of the latest equipment from many countries.
        LS GAME Amusements could provide Showroom,Spares&products for all of the valuable insight,Welcome to contact with us!

        Products Show
        Spinning Submarine
        Spinning Submarine is a new patented product of our company,with cute,attractive appearance and stimulating feeling when playing
        Roundabout Parrot
        Flying Chairs
        Flying Chairs
        Tel:(+86 760)89939756
        Fax:(+86 760)89939756

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